You’re one meeting away from changing your business and your life.

There are ACES and there are non-ACES. It is as simple as that. Recruiting ACES started off as an acronym for the industries that we recruited—Architecture, Construction, Engineering, and Science. As we’ve matured in the business, we’ve come to find out that ACES means a lot more to our internal team, our clients, and our candidates.

To our internal team it’s our mindset: we truly believe we are highly skilled and experts in our given profession. The best.

To our clients, it means high-quality candidates, superior service, and a respect for their valuable time.

To our candidates, it means they can expect to get the best from their career search. We’ve learned in business that the best is subjective. We put our name proudly on the connections we make because they are the best for the people we are connecting. We guarantee it.


Dominic Glover

Dominic Glover leads this Southern California-based recruiting firm with a relentless passion for connecting top talent with meaningful work.

For Dominic, traditional recruiting felt too transactional. Treating big dreams as ones and zeros in a mindless database subjected to demoralizing bait-and-switch tactics just didn’t cut it. Spotting rockstar talent and serving as the accelerator to their journey towards an awesome career was his superpower. 

If you ask him, he will share his own experience with the rug behind pulled out from underneath him—an experience he never wanted people to undergo when looking for their big break. It was not the opportunity he expected a year after the University of Oregon recruited him to play Division I Football: his head coach retired, his position coach was fired, and he had a career derailing back injury.

Knowing first-hand what it’s like to be on the cusp of a great opportunity that doesn’t meet expectations has been a significant motivating factor for his transformative recruiting strategy. 

During his time in business he has successfully recruited and placed individuals at enterprise, medium-sized business, and small businesses. Dominic has a deep expertise in finding technical talent that is undervalued at their current opportunity and matching them with the best fit for companies and the candidate.

He has over a decade of experience recruiting the following industries: architecture and construction, innovative consumer product brands, renewable energy, and product-based tech companies.

Meet Our Team

At the heart of our success is a dedicated team of professionals, each bringing unique skills and passion to our mission.

Kristine Spates - Recruiting Operations Coordinator

‍Kristine is the operational backbone of Recruiting Aces, ensuring our processes run smoothly and efficiently.

Nicole Halt - Technical Recruiter

Nicole brings a wealth of knowledge as a technical recruiter and a keen eye for talent to our team.

We’re knocking it out of the park for some of our favorite industries.

Some recruiting firms will promise you that they can find all-star talent or unbeatable opportunities in virtually any industry on the planet.

But when it comes down to it, they’re just not in the loop on your exact needs.

You’re left explaining the ins-and-outs of what you do, sorting through a mountain of poor candidates because the recruiter just doesn’t get it.

Architecture & Construction

We help top architecture and construction firms build powerful teams enraptured by this unique mission.

For talent, we want to help you find the right company ready to pay attention to your big ideas.

Product-Based Tech Companies

Technology has the potential to change lives, but let’s be honest: lot’s of tech companies are just noise.

We want to cut through the clutter and help connect organizations on a meaningful mission with the innovation-whizzes ready to make a difference.

Innovative Consumer Product Brands

There are millions of consumer products in the world, but very few leave a lasting mark on the world.

We’re here to help you form a team of innovative, forward-thinking people needed to power your next breakthrough.

Renewable Energy & Solar

The clean energy industry is booming with top jobs that make a difference.

We want to connect world-changers with the top companies at the forefront of wind, solar, hydroelectric, and other green power sources changing the way we live.

If you’ve felt sidelined by past employers, we want to make sure you find a team whose goals are as big as your drive.